M.A.C. Shipping International Freight Forwaders


M.A.C. Shipping International Freight Forwarding

International Freight Forwarding from the Far East and Western Europe

M.A.C. Shipping was established in 1989 at JFK international Airport in Queens, NY. Twenty-four years later owner Don Codignotto expanded the business to include an office and shipping location in Hong Kong. The Western Europe division of M.A.C. Shipping has more than 14 agents. As an international freight forwarder and customs house broker,M.A.C. Shipping is a steady force in importing goods from Western Europe and the Far East.

Daily Operations as International Freight Forwarder

As a leader in freight forwarding and custom house brokerage business, M.A.C. Shipping provides an extraordinary personal service at very competitive price. In terms of shipping shipments, those leaving Hong Kong take an estimated 22 days while Western Europe shipments run a tight schedule of 12 days. Interested in having a 2-day air shipping arrangement? Through the services of customs house broker M.A.C. Shipping a customer can opt for air shipping for a 48 hour delivery. The service at M.A.C. Shipping is highly cost effective because they operate with two specific airlines including Delta, a leader in the airlines industry, whereas competitors typically deal with up to a dozen. Additionally, M.A.C. Shipping operates out of a strategic port, which is located conveniently within a half a mile of the JFK Airport.

The Shipping Process

Customers establish contact with M.A.C. Shipping and they provide details regarding the product to be shipped and the factory who is manufacturing it. M.A.C. Shipping serves as the “middle man” who contacts our shippers in the necessary locales in order to handle the formalities regarding shipping overseas and internationally. M.A.C. Shipping also deals directly with the shipping side and is responsible for getting the product delivered successfully. All a customer has to do is provide the product and shipping information. As an international freight forwarder and customs house broker, M.A.C. Shipping takes care of everything else. For more information please contact Don Codignotto at 718-525-0003 or email him at donald@macshipping.com or visit the website at www.macshipping.com